The Spiritual Practice of Motherhood

Motherhood has challenged me, elated me, frustrated me, lifted me up and made me truly believe that I have a true purpose in life.

My three little boys are my sunshine. They are beautiful little people with massive hearts, unique thoughts and loving natures.

They are perfect just the way they are and so am I. As a Mother and a person. Because right now I am doing the best I can with what I know now. So are they.

So are you.

You ARE a perfect mother. A prefect parent. A perfect human being.

There is no right or wrong, only love and a willingness to move forward, improving every day.

I believe our children are put here on earth, at the right time for us in our lives, and show us the way.

They are here to make us understand that we are completely limited in perspective and it gives us such a glimpse of how little we actually know.

Motherhood takes a life that seems complicated and shows you what complicated is.

Motherhood takes your sleep, down-time and me-time, and asks you to keep on working.

Motherhood takes your understanding of people with kids to another level (anyone ever think that stay at home mums had the life of leisure???), but also shows us that we never know what another person is going through because we can never walk in their shoes.

When you are with your newborn you think its hard and your life is full to bursting point…and then you have two children and you reminisce on how easy it could have been with just the one!


We are so limited and it’s only when you realise that you have limited perspective, knowledge, understanding that you become compassionate, non-judgemental and aware.

What a beautiful thing that our children have given us.

This gift of the heart.


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