The Pyjama Years

I’ve really stuffed myself up this term.

Julian has two days a week where he doesn’t go to Kindy but I have scheduled swimming and kidz in sport at 9:30 on those days.

Why have I stuffed myself up?

Because I lose my pyjama days.

You know the days where you don’t get anyone dressed until Midday. Where the kids play freely,build cubbies and amuse themselves? Where you get to do your own thing instead of frantically organising?

I’ve heard people say guiltily, “I didn’t get out of my pyjamas all day.”

I’ve also heard it like this, “I didn’t get out of my pyjamas all day!!”

I know which camp I’m in.


I wear my pyjama days with pride and I’ve just had a panic. This is my last year before full-time school rips this opportunity from me and here I am voluntarily scheduling things in!

To be honest the only reason I thought of this was because I was kind of hung-over yesterday.

I don’t know what happened. One minute I had a glass of wine which I sprayed diligently with my anti-sulphur spray and the next it’s morning and my head is pounding.

You know what I blame this on? Drinking less during the week.

It’s taken a while but I’ve nearly all but given up my daily glass of vino to ease the stress and strain of life is a stay at home Mum. Instead I’ve embraced herbal teas and park time.

So my tolerance is down.

Then I go to a party and I think I’m still the girl that can have a few wines and be just fine.




Not any more.

I’m both frustrated and proud.

Looks like I need to learn that a glass of water in between is actually both hydrating and necessary for slowing down my consumption.

But I’ve got off topic…..

All I wanted to say to Mums with non-school age children and especially to new Mums is… ENJOY!.

Don’t feel guilty because you haven’t showered and literally don’t have the energy to put on clothes – just enjoy that little bundle, toddler, naptime…..and revel in the fact that it won’t last forever and you will treasure these moments later on.

Just as you treasure now the sleep you used to get and the free time you had….you will treasure these days. 



  1. I wish I could drop my daughter off to school in my pjs and slippers, but I just know that will be the day I get a flat tyre or break down.

  2. I am feeling this! (with a school age child this year for the first time) One plus side is that weekends have meaning again! Those two days where you can hang out in your pyjamas…. until swimming lessons or grocery shopping have to be done. :\

  3. I love that you embrace pyjama days and remove the guilt! I have one school age and one not but I filled our sat morning with ballet…at 8 am and its a 40 minute drive away – clever I know!
    And I usually like to do markets on a Sunday so I think next term I am changing things around and we are gonna have a fun, relaxed family pyjama day and not feel guilty 😉
    Great post! XX

  4. I can’t wait until my littlies are old enough for drive through drop off! Then in winter I can just throw a jacket over my pj’s and stay in the car!!

  5. I was in the guilty PJ camp and didn’t allow myself to relax much at all the first couple of years. I’m making up for it now though – I often skype with clients who compliment me on my necklace or top…little do they know that I am often wearing trackies, tights or jammie pants on my bottom half!

    As for your one glass of wine trick – Yup – that’s me too!

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