The Magic of Christmas

I’ve had a full on week.

Christmas rushing, wrapping presents, always forgetting just that one thing from the shops….

I am nearly there but I am not going to kid myself that I’m finished. I probably won’t even be finished Christmas day….I will probably just remember someone else I need to buy something little for.

Now this is my first Christmas with a toddler who really knows about Christmas….are they always this hyped?

He bursts into tears for barely anything, he’s behaviour has been appalling, he pretty much yells I’m sorry at me and doesn’t understand why that’s not good enough….

The Advent calendar which I thought would be a lovely treat has turned into a bone of contention as he tries to get his treat in before breakfast…and excellent way to start the day…either a fight or some sugar hype.

He’s also been full of information. I still haven’t worked out where he got his info from but he told my Mum that he knows how he was made….apparently Mum and Dad “stick together” and that’s how we got him. Hmmmm. Wasn’t really ready to answer those questions yet. I asked him where he  learned that and he said he made it up. Ok….

So I must say i have been looking at ways to keep him in line. I definitely have a new appreciation for the song “Santa Claus is coming to town.” We have been playing the Beiber version over and over so the message, “better not shout, better not cry and better not pout” really sinks in. You can view it here if you haven’t seen it, it’s a cool video clip.

The other one, a tip on Facebook, is this app. It’s the Portable North Pole and Santa has made personal videos for Julian, telling him he is still on his good list….but he has to start listening to Mummy.

So it’s lucky that we managed to have a little fun altogether on Sunday night.

It was our annual Christmas dinner with our best friends and the kids. We started the tradition of taking turns hosting Christmas dinner and doing presents years ago (we think it’s 9 years) and it is always something to look forward to.

The food was amazing, the kids were beside themselves with excitement and I had so many laugh-till-I-cried moments that my nose is bright red in the photos!

(Gorgeous photos by Bloom Pixels)


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