The Little People Have Stolen My Energy

They exhaust me.

Mostly Leo, sometimes Julian.

Monday is a non-kindy day so that means even though Leo had a really good sleep, I was constantly schlepping to the kitchen to get food, asked to play on repeat (even though I broke out a new toy and built a very cool railway with him) and lovingly asked to sit with him.

Julian is great.

There were no excessive demands to take him out or for any particularly sweet food but that time, the time I can’t be by myself and sit down, really shows about 5pm.

Leo by this time had been up for about two hours and is tetchy. He’s had a very late lunch but is disgruntled by the fact there are no bananas.

He can’t talk but I know this because we went through the rest of the fruit bowl and he kept whining.

Then he drank all of my freshly made almond milk. All of it.

He managed this feat by taking the little treat I gave him and coming back for more. Again and again. I tried to slip goats milk in there but he literally threw it back in my face.

He’s naked of course.

There’s pee in the kitchen.

I’m too tired to go upstairs and get him shorts to wear over the nappy. I try in vain for this nappy to be the last one I put on him but no…’s off again.

As I chop potatoes he gets his lithe little body between my knees and the cupboard and just pushes. Squealing to be lifted up.

But I’m chopping, I’m rinsing, I’m cooking….ok I’m nearly crying.

SOS call to my husband who is thankfully five minutes away.

Now there is happiness.


Now I can hear them splashing in the bath upstairs.

Now I am alone.

(Leo would have made a very pretty girl!)


  1. I so understand where you are coming from. Have a good rest and hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

  2. OH my this post is me! my amazing little man is the love of my life yet he is also sucking the life and energy out of me! It is so hard to restore the energy that is taken during the days at home, by the time I have done dinner, bath, books, bedtime my brain is depleted and I need to go to bed when I should be actually starting my day! thank you for sharing xx

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