The Light Between Oceans

I read this book a while ago and wrote the review but it’s book club tonight so I can finally tell everyone what I thought of it!

The Light Between Oceans

What a gorgeous book.

I had an incredibly emotional journey with this book, written in Western Australia and depicted so…scenically.

The barren beauty of the little island with the lighthouse, the isolation and the love between the main characters was just so alive on the page.

The vibrancy of the lighthouse keeper’s wife Isabel and her husband’s stoic honour set the scene for an incredible plot which finds them keeping a three month old baby that washes up on the shore with her dead Father. After three miscarriages (one stillborn at seven months) Isabel is on the border of grief and madness so when the baby arrives she believes it is a gift from God and talks her husband into keeping her and not informing the authorities.

The mother however is alive and well on the mainland and on the verge of madness herself after hearing nothing of her husband and little girl in four years.

I was on both sides and this book kind of tore me apart. I was literally in floods of tears.

Well worth a read.

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