The Key To Life

I did something that I have never done last week.

I paid a babysitter, during the week, during the day to look after Leo (creche when I am at the gym doesn’t count!).

I went out. I had lunch with three girlfriends. It was the best two and a half hours I have spent in a long time.

There is something illicit about heading out on your own without the kids during the week.

Sitting in a cafe with girlfriends and just chatting. Really chatting.

These are the same girls I catch up with weekly but without our mass of screaming children it was different.

It was really special.


I treasured the moment and I certainly didn’t take it for granted.

And that’s the key to life.

Learning how to treasure each moment as it passes. Sometimes we are too busy judging the moments – good, bad, blah that we look up and it’s gone.

We realise we’ve been on automatic pilot and we awake to our children tugging or pulling at us. Begging for our attention.

It’s certainly happened to me.

But it’s in rare moments that we really do pay attention.

That we stare at their little faces. Really connect. Really lavish our love – in mind and body instead of vaguely cuddling them or kissing the top of their heads.

Sometimes I do this in fear that the moment will be gone too soon and fast forward to the future in my head. But this is not truly being present.

I just need to be there. Focus my senses on what’s in the room. Fill it with love. Fill it with laughter. Fill it with happiness.

Wherever I am and whoever I am with that is my aim.

My goal in life.

To pass on this gift which I am getting better at.

Being here now and not letting life pass me by.

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