The Holiday’s Over

Its 8:15pm, it feels like 11:00pm.

We are finally sitting on our own couch at home. A two hour flight from Broome at lunch time is just perfect most times.

With two kids though it seemed that we got up, spent all morning packing, went to the airport, waited for our delayed plane, anxiously worried about leo’s eardrums bursting in the air (the Dr was ready to sign off and keep us in Broome), got a taxi which took forever in peak hour traffic, got home, unpacked essentials, got kids to bed and sat down.


Except one of them is still up. Just got up. Crying. Aaaagh.

The holiday was, as always, wonderful. It was really special this year to spend time with our new nephew Roman, who is just three days younger than little Leo.

Roman was pretty happy to have other kids to play with too.

Its wonderful to hang out with the family in a relaxed environment and we are all very grateful that my Mother-in-Law loves to celebrate her birthday, with all of us, in Broome every year.

Thanks Esi xx

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