The Effects of Motherhood

Am I kidding myself that I should have more energy?

I have complained to Doctors, family and friends and my children about how tired I am at the moment. I don’t have much get up and go and its getting me down.

It’s funny the solidarity and reassurance you get however when talking to other mothers.

They sympathise, empathise and add in their own problems that this affliction (motherhood) is causing.

It’s a tricky time in life, simultaneously wonderful and exhausting as we run from activity to activity trying to feed both our children and our souls.

I try to rest as much as I can but time is limited. I drink energy boosting juices and eat healthy, cell-nourishing food. I get eight hours sleep and close my eyes when possible during the day. I try to meditate and get myself a little self-care time but still….tired.

I love my kids and enjoy the luxury of staying at home with them. I really want to make the most of this precious time…so…tips from the wise old internet on how busy Mums should get more energy:

Take a vitamin B complex: These vitamins reduce stress and increase energy.

Get dressed as if going to a job: Take a shower, get dressed in clothes to face the world in otherwise lounging in lounge pants will make you feel tired. 

Exercise: Boosts energy and keeps you fit and healthy. 

Laugh: Releases tension and releases endorphins and good feelings. 

Eat Your Vegetables: As you try to put those greens in your kids mouth make sure you are eating too. It’s easy to forget ourselves and make some toast later….

Get Outside In The Sunshine: 30 – 60 minutes has been proven to increase energy.

Has anyone got more energy-producing advice?





  1. Is it possible for you to have a day away from your family? Even if it means working extra hard beforehand, to organise that time? I think your children are very young, so may be a weekend away will not work. But if at all possible, if you can walk away from it all for all day and do nothing but breathe in some fresh air and come back several hours later, it might help. (Repeat as often as possible)

  2. When you look at everything you do in a day, are you surprised you are tired! You probably don’t stop from 5am – 9-10pm!! Hang in there, it does get better…Leo at 2 has just started sleeping regularly through the night and I am amazed at how much better I feel!

  3. In your first sentence you say that your lack of “get up and go” is getting you down. Maybe it is that you are “down” that is causing your lack of get up and go. You could be depressed. Depression can make you feel fatigued. It is rare that a medical doctor (GP or Family doctor) would recognize the signs. Make an appointment with a psychologist or social worker if you continue to feel tired because otherwise you are doing all the right things on your list. Don’t ignore it.

    1. I have a feeling its hormonal. Today I am great and full of energy. The naturopath is trying to fix a hormone imbalance and it is week 6 of a 12 week vitamin course so will wait and see and hopefully my energy will stay high. Thanks for your advice.

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