The Day My Toddler Wielded A Knife

Last week for me was very full on.

Although I have taken on small items of work in the past, a few of the bigger projects are starting to need attention now.

We organised the photo shoot for our book on Friday. We knew we would have all the kids with us (only three as the rest were in school) but thought we would be able to get it done.

What I didn’t figure in was the preparation needed for the photo shoot.

We were photographing the images of our recipes so I spent the majority of Leo’s nap time on Thursday destroying the kitchen. I made toasted muesli, bliss balls and some fresh pasta. I then shopped for the items needed the next day and went to pick Jules up from kindy.

When I got back there were tea towels strewn across the floor and flour dusting the fridge and surfaces I knew I’d cleaned up. It took me a couple of minutes to realise that my labrador, Lucy (who is on a diet) had got up on the counter and eaten half my pasta!


Devastated I looked around for a solution but there was none. I couldn’t make more pasta with two kids under my feet, wanting to “help”.

I sat down on a chair outside as the kids played, to respond to emails that were urgent.

Leo went back inside to rummage around the kitchen as usual. He is at the stage where he takes everything he can out of cupboards. He’s also getting very adventurous.


If he is hungry he brings me his plate. I got up a few times to give them something to eat and didn’t get any further with the emailing.

Julian is now having a meltdown over the colour of the plate he’s been given when my husband walks in. Saved! I dash off with my computer.

I am in the middle of a phone call about the website when my husband wanders outside on the phone, we both look up when Leo, 15 months old, comes wandering out with the butcher’s knife.

We both look to blame each other for leaving it out when I realise, horrified, he can reach the knife draw!

Off go the phones, attention is paid to the children and we get them in the bath.

Leo looks so innocent in his pajamas, eating a bliss ball.


When they are tucked up in bed, we both sit down with very large glasses of wine and make plans for the baby gates in the kitchen.

It was a long day.


  1. Oh wow, what a day. The dog being on a diet and eating half the pasta made me laugh. Baby gates sound like a good idea. It is amazing how quickly the kids grow and before you know it they are into things that they previously couldn’t reach. My 2 year old can open doors now, so we have had to go to a whole new level of childproofing. We have gates to the kitchen, but I am sure it won’t be long before he tries to climb them – they are still keeping the 11mth old at bay though…at this stage lol.

  2. Oh man – don’t worry, my little one (2years) will push a stool off the bench, grab the knife off the knife rack and run with it screaming “Sharp! Sharp!” Crazy kids. Misty would love those batman pajamas…. he calls Bat Man “Mat-Na.” Close enough, huh? Enjoy that WINE!

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