The Blissful Smile

I’m sick.

Yes, poor me. Stuffed up nose, feeling a bit other worldly and a sexy, throaty voice.

Not all bad.

So yesterday was kind of a blur but I managed to make some memories….right at the end.

I was heading to my Mums (who wanted me to drop and run and not go near her with my cold) and then back home to make dinner.

As I was driving the thought of dinner was weighing me down.

The chopping. The slicing. The cooking. The children crying. The mess. The clean up.

So I made an executive decision.


What’s not to love?

Kids eat free and it’s five minutes from my husband’s work.

Plus in a world of fast food it was a relatively healthy choice (i choose not to think of how sprayed my broccoli was or the additives and preservatives in their sauces).

When I walked in I almost laughed out loud.

Three Mamas, on their own, two kids each, backs to me, all with identical glasses of wine and what I like to think of as identical blissful smiles. The kids were throwing noodles, singing songs and drawing. The Mama’s kissing their babies and just enjoying.

No thoughts of cleaning up the food on the floor. No effort to get the dishes done.

I sat down, ordered my glass and made up the fourth member of the group….until my hubby rocked up.


Then we went home and had a lovely time wiggling, giggling and squiggling to the Tickle Monster book by Josie Bisset. Well worth the price of the book and don’t forget the gloves!!




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