The Blissful Body

On the eve, eve (um that’s Saturday if you can’t work it out) of my first truly huge spa experience (thanks Mrs Claus) I am sitting here with expectations that my body will be zinging after that experience.

If anyone is reading this from Perth and is looking for an Organic Day Spa – Bodhi J Day Spa in Wembley is amazing.

So that got me thinking about what makes a truly blissful body.

We’ve talked a lot about what food to put in your bod, how to make it run efficiently, but there is something about having great hair, silky smooth skin and groomed toes and fingernails to give you that extra hop in your step.

Things that Bliss My Body Out:

Soft Feet

In summer I love walking around barefoot (in my house, obviously not you know, in public or anything) so my feet take a beating. When I get into bed I have a foot cream on my bedside table to rub in before sleep.

When I do it…..they feel great. This one from Kora Organics is awesome, Therese Kerr said at a Kora night that she trialled it on her husband’s feet until they arrived at the formulation he felt actually worked!

Manicured fingernails and toes

Whether it’s a two second brush with polish in between caring for my screaming children or a proper mani/pedi session – I just like having neat, polished fingernails and toes. For the last two weeks it’s been chipped and though I reminded myself all I had to do was go upstairs and do a quick paint job I never had the time. Last night I fixed that and now I am happily typing whilst admiring my terribly painted (but not chipped) fingernails.


A body brush and some moisturiser

Everyone talks about body brushing. It’s something you should get around to doing. Why? It tingles the skin, improves circulation, immune function and lots of other goodies but most of all it makes your skin feel amazing. It got rid of the bumps I had on the back of my arms. You can do it before or after the shower just remember your brush will need cleaning (I spray with eucalyptus after every brush and then give it a proper soap and warm water wash now and then). Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards.


I go to Yoga just to lie down. Literally, I get in to class, roll out my mat and my body sings as I lie down, palms facing the ceiling in corpse position. Your brain starts to race and then it calms down. I love a slow Hatha yoga class that lets my body roll out and unwind. Unfortunately I am in between classes at the moment and haven’t been able to find a really good one, at a time and location that suits me. It’s on my to do list because I know how good I feel during and after class! It helps that afterwards (it’s probably all in my mind) my body feels lithe, bendy and toned!!

Face lotions and potions

I’ve fought my instincts pretty hard to not be swayed by pretty packaging and the latest and greatest wrinkle reduction potion. I’ve stuck with Kora Organics now for a couple of years and my skin feels great. I put on the Hydrating mask last night and took great delight in scaring my children. Might be time for a family face mask session (and photo shoot) soon! Having all the same cosmetics not only looks divine it saves you from buying millions of different products (I used to have a chemist in my cupboard I swear!).

Who tells you what is good or bad for your body?  The media, friends, your parents or you?

When does your body feel the best?

How do you know that it is working for you – what are the signs?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



  1. One of the things my body loves is a shower and soap down with the rough gloves. sloughing off all the dead cells in the shower and then a cooling moisturiser is GREAT!

  2. I certainly feel better when I have spent some time ‘tidying up’ my nails, hair, hairy legs etc. I think…if it feels good, do it! And trust your instincts…we seem to have a good natural instinct for what is good for our body, we just have to honour it. Ps…love the nail polish!

  3. Gorgeous, feel good post nicola! I’m blogging about my first spa experience soon, it was in noosa, I’m hoping to get it done before Kristin holidays there soon. Never felt so pampered in my life! Can’t wait to hear about yours!!

  4. Hi Nicola! I’ve shopped around for yoga classes too and landed at flow yoga in Osborne park. I’m not sure if they’re right for you, but I’m happier there than anywhere else I’ve tried in perth. All the daily classes are different, but Michelle is my favorite instructor. And I agree about the nails! Even if everything else is a mess, I somehow feel more in control of my life if my nails are neat. Haha.

    1. Hi Lia (from Climb I assume and if so how was your amazing holiday with your family???). I am checking out Flow Yoga last night. Funny my favourite yoga teacher at next generation gym was Michelle – I hope its the same one has she got tatoos? Blonde hair?

      1. Hi! Yep, you’ve got me. 🙂 holiday was great, thanks! Freezing cold and very busy as we had my parents, in laws, brother, and cousin all under one roof with us…but great because we hadnt been together since the wedding. By the way, I’m still drinking those teas you gave us because I’m trying to make them last! They’re wonderful! Haha.
        I love reading about what you’re going through not only because I love Julian but because I’m going through a lot of the same mental searches that you are…trying to have a balanced life and good health! I’m also looking forward to having a family and so enjoy the crazy stories about the little ones. Keep them coming! 🙂

        1. Glad you had fun in the states and are enjoying the teas – they are yummy – i also love the byron bay tea company ones. yeah the search for wellness is endless and I am glad that this is an easy way we can stay in touch!!

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