The Awesome Responsibility of Parenting

Today’s Mantra: Think Before You Act

We’ve had a tough few days in the Garcia household.

We put Leo on a routine, moved him into his nursery and allowed him to self-settle – a bit.

On Sunday night Julian developed a fever…which lasted for the next 24 hours. A quick trip to the Doctors confirmed another ear infection. Poor little man.

His temp at the Doctors was 39.9 and despite his extreme adversity to any type of medicine, I knew I had to get him to take some. The thrashing, spitting and fighting is unpleasant but I obviously got a bit in there because he perked up in the afternoon.

Despite everything, the kids are being really well behaved. Leo is getting used to the routine and is sleeping longer and more soundly. Julian is happy and a lot of the time amusing himself.

So it made me think what an awesome responsibility parenting is. Are the tiny tweaks I’m making in my parenting style going to impact how they grow up? Is that the difference in their behaviour this week or is it coincidence?

I don’t think so. Every decision we make is moulding, shaping and changing these little people.

Crazy stuff.

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  1. very true hon but all you can do is your best and keep your fingers crossed that it all results in two respectful and loving people! now what has Leo been eating in his pic?

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