The Argument For Mummy Breaks

Today’s Mantra: It’s important to be me

I just got back from a four day girls trip in Melbourne last night.

Despite having only four hours sleep I bounced out of bed to see my babies when they woke up.

Leo looked truly delighted that it was me and in between koala-fierce hugs, kept looking up and grinning. During the week he had finally been given the incentive to say “Mama” (asking for me – the kid is smart) and said it repeatedly. Today I got my first one and it was truly special.

Julian, who was happy as well, was a little less enthusiastic about my constant need to hug him but said to me this evening that I am his best friend and he’s so glad I’m his Mum. Cue tears from me and more hugs.

The great thing is that they also asked for their Daddy today. He spent a lot more one on one time with them and I can tell that the kids enjoyed it.

As for my break, well it was wonderful. Any time I can go to the bathroom alone, get a full night’s sleep and walk into a changing room without a pram exposing me to the world is a win in my book.

The only thing I will say  is that I think in future “time out” breaks may need to be less busy.

We shopped, we walked, we went to the movies, we power napped, we ate amazing food and had quick massages and speedy mani-pedis. The pace was fast even though that was not the intention.

I used to absolutely love city breaks but my enthusiasm for them is waning.

What I need to recharge my Mum batteries is a pool, some sunshine, some yoga and some cocktails….

Time to plan girls 🙂


    1. Loved our starters (the little round nacho like things with amazing toppings!) The margaritas were great but the tacos were a bit blah. My favourite restaurant of the whole trip was Circa in St Kilda – amazing!! Cumulus in the city was a close second followed by Hellenic Republic x

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