That’s Why God Invented Tomorrow

Today’s Mantra: Change your thinking, change your life

Ever stress yourself out by trying to do to much?

At the end of the day do you beat yourself up because you didn’t get through your to do list?

I read a great post yesterday by Sarah Wilson about her travels in Greece. She is currently in a place called Icaria where the people live life differently to the way we do. You can check out the post here.

She is freaking out, the people of Icaria don’t seem to have watches, they are not in a hurry to get anywhere and when she tried to explain the anxiety she was feeling when her plans weren’t coming to fruition someone said to her, “That’s why God invented tomorrow.”

I love it.

As I have posted about before, we are not sleeping at the moment.

My eight month old Leonardo has fluid behind his ears, it’s been infected for eight weeks. He doesn’t sleep longer than 45 minutes without us holding him.

Leo is getting Grommets next Friday. We saw the specialist yesterday, thanks to some generous string-pulling by a gorgeous friend of mine. He is having his operation even before we had our appointment with the specialist my Doctor swore was the quickest to get in with.

It pays to know people.

Actually it pays to know people who have seen the size of the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.

So life is hazy.

I can relate to being alarmed that things are not getting done. Time seems to moving along but I’m watching it go by like a by-stander in a race.

I can either be stressed out about it or go with the flow, believing that my tomorrows will be fruitful.

Taking the pressure off today.

Suddenly I’m smiling.


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