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Today’s Mantra: Give me Strength

We went to a birthday party yesterday.

The set-up was amazing, we enjoyed ourselves as did the kids and the rest of the guests, but I think my definition of a great time has changed substantially since becoming a Mum.

A kids birthday party now literally exhausts me.

When we walked in there were these gorgeous little tables set up and the kids were eating. There were amazing aromas coming from the caterers that were serving the adults and there was free-flowing booze.

We had a ton of people to catch up with and gorgeous babies that we hadn’t met yet.

It was a whirlwind and sensory overload.

For most of the party I had Leo in one arm, a wine glass in the other hand and I had to fight to keep them apart. Leo kept swiping at it and I felt like I was doing a one-woman puppet show as I jiggled them both about.

The smart adult would have given up and put down the wine. Not me.

Whilst this was happening my three-year old was bouncing around from bouncy castle to trampoline to swings. I was quite relieved he’d by-passed the food but it didn’t last long.

Once he’d worked up an appetite he started off with a bunch of little friends to chow down with but as usual they drifted off, leaving my son in the centre of the table, delighted to have all the food to himself. He was there a good half hour, tucking into the fairy bread, hot dogs and popcorn.

He then got his face painted as my husband and I played pass the baby. Delighted with his face he then went back to the food as we made the horrendous decision to get the baby’s face painted.


Of course it ended up on my arms, his top, my top and smeared onto his mouth and eyes. I struggled to keep him off my arm and still away from my wine as I dug in my nappy bag for some wipes. I gave up and put down my wine, leaving me one hand free to dig into my Mary Poppins bag of tricks.

Of course I knocked the red wine over, then as I checked out the damage, I knocked someone’s soft drink over. Yes I might have also hit Leo’s head on the chair as I bent over with the handy baby wipes to mop up the spills.

The only time I saw Julian was when he raced back to me to whine.

Someone had gotten something he wanted. I needed to get it for him.

The sugar was creeping over him slowly as he demanded a juice. Torn and still at my wits end over Leo I tried to stretch him out…cake later or juice now? I really don’t want you to have juice Julian…

On the verge of a melt-down my husband gave in and the juice was Julian’s. The rest is a blur.

Tantrums, tears, a fight over bubbles and a resignation I would not be finishing my glass of wine. A flurry of kisses as we hauled our screaming children through the throng and one last stand from Julian as he sat on the pavement refusing to get in the car.

As I said, my fun parameters have changed.


  1. Put down your wine? What, are you crazy? You put down the baby, mad woman!

    You are so funny – I am laughing ‘with’ you! I know this scenario very well myself. Maybe we need to blog about ‘how to survive a kid’s party’ strategies? I hope you get your glass of wine at home, in your own time and space so you can enjoy it – You deserve it!

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