That Santa Guy Is Getting a Bit Far-Fetched

Today’s Mantra: Music is food for the soul

So last night I was out, heading with some girlfriends to the J-Lo concert, via  a cocktail party (great idea!) and Daniel was home with the kids.

While I was enthralled by the sound, sight and sensation that is Jennifer Lopez (just look at the below pictures…seriously this lady has had twins…she is amazing)…


Daniel was having a spectacle of his own.

My little boy was once again refusing to go to sleep in his own bed.  He’s testing our limits, seeing if we’ve budged an inch since the last crackdown…

We haven’t.

Daniel pulled up his blind, told him he could look out, play with his toys but he had to stay in his room and sleep in his bed.

He kicked up a fuss but Daniel left him to it.

When I got home Daniel informed me of the behaviour, I cringed and thought he needs a talking to in the morning.

I went upstairs to get changed and found this….



Ummm…that’s my bed!

We moved him back to his and he didn’t wake up. In the morning the cheeky monkey was more than happy to regale the story of how he slept in our bed and Daddy didn’t know.

I sat him down and said solemnly, “You know that’s bad right? You need to do what Daddy tells you.”

He grinned.

“Santa sees all. What happens to naughty boys at Christmas?”

His bottom lip trembled, “The Mummy’s and Daddy’s get all the presents and naughty boys get none.”

His eyes filled up.

“But how did Santa see me? I thought he was asleep?”


“Santa doesn’t sleep.”

“Why not?”

“Ummm…he is very busy at Christmas time.”

“But doesn’t he get tired.”

“Yes but he sleeps the rest of the year.”



“But how does he see me?”

“Ummm, he just does.”

“But I can’t see him.”

“No, Santa hides.”

Giggle from Julian, “Where?”

“Not sure.”


“Not sure.”

I need to come up with some better answers and I am writing this to keep track of my lies….

Santa might not get me any presents this year if he finds out.


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