Teacher’s Pet

As you go to school…..

My heart breaks a little to know that this is the beginning of your independence, your separation from me.

But I smile when I think of the fun you will have,

The memories you will make,

The things you will learn,

The challenges that will help shape you as a person.

But know that I am always here, for now and always,

My arms open, my heart beating for your heart.


Now, sappy stuff over with, the kid woke me up at 5:30 am! Well, to be honest, Leo woke him up and we all had a party this morning.

At least it gave me time to get organised.

I had the bag laid out, checked all items thoroughly, made sure everything was labelled and he was dressed by 8am, as was I.

We got the obligatory pictures, my Mother-in-law came to look after Leo and then Daniel and I took him, hand in hand, to kindy.


He was apprehensive but got his groove on when he hit the play dough table. Enthralled and engrossed he wouldn’t look at any other activity.

When the bell rang and it was time to sit on the mat it was like he was ready, more than ready, for someone to teach him something.

He barely looked up as we kissed him on the cheeks.

Daniel and I were happy and content as we left, satisfied we’d done a good job and I gave myself a pat on the back for not forgetting anything.

So what did I do with my free time?

I had breakfast with myself and did a spot of shopping with xmas vouchers.



It was only when I drove up to the school to pick him up (half day first day) that I realised somethng was wrong.

There were hardly any cars and when I got closer to his class, his was the only bag on the hook.

His teacher was in the office calling me.

Yes I got him organised but I forgot to triple, quadruple check the time of pick up! I was fifteen minutes late!

Jules was all smiles with the attention of three teachers and was none the worse for wear.

Me? I’m still shaking and I’m sure I’ve been tagged as the scatty parent of the year.

Great start.


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