The Benefits of Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness to Children

I am currently undertaking my yoga teacher training at Tamara Yoga in Perth and as part of my course we are asked to complete a research assignment on a suggested topic or a topic of our own choosing. I decided to choose my own, going with the area I was most interested in. Having three [...]

How To Get Happy

The world is changing. Technological advances, new discoveries, new ways of living. Pressure. Stress. Busyness. Debt. Materialism. Iphonitis. In my generation we were expected to go to school, after school, to go on to further study. These days you need a doctorate of that further study to be picked out of a line up for [...]

Kids Don’t Need a Perfect Mama

Now I'm not guaranteeing he still won't burst into tears when he's ear falls off at assembly but what I'm saying is that we don't need to be perfect for others. I don't need to hide my faults and my failures. What I need to do is step up and be a good role model for my son. Because even my dodgy craft skills are part of me and we shouldn't shy away in shame from the world over anything, it's not worth it.

One Of “Those Days”

Last night I was at yoga, the peace descending as we finished our practice and moved into Savasana, lying in corpse pose, reaping the benefits. We were told to empty the thoughts in our mind and then this popped into my mind. I didn't find it funny the first time I saw it, but [...]