Minimalism – Why Would You Want Less Stuff???

Living with less....with kids. A misnomer? An ironic suggestion? An impossibility? We live in an era of abundance. Just for a second stop and appreciate that. Not only are our key needs met for shelter, sustenance and security but we have surplus. We have coffee machines that give cafe quality flat whites at home. We [...]

Managing Great Expectations This Christmas

With Christmas approaching I know a lot of parents are looking forward to watching their little one's faces lighting up on Christmas Day. Looking forward to seeing real pleasure, joy, laughter and the magic that Santa brings. But I also feel like we need to make sure our expectations are not too high. We have threatened them with Santa all month; asked them to wish for things they want; got them to really focus on toys, presents and gifts for themselves, whipped them up into a it any wonder on Christmas Day that they may be expecting more?