The Benefits of Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness to Children

I am currently undertaking my yoga teacher training at Tamara Yoga in Perth and as part of my course we are asked to complete a research assignment on a suggested topic or a topic of our own choosing. I decided to choose my own, going with the area I was most interested in. Having three [...]

How To Get Happy

The world is changing. Technological advances, new discoveries, new ways of living. Pressure. Stress. Busyness. Debt. Materialism. Iphonitis. In my generation we were expected to go to school, after school, to go on to further study. These days you need a doctorate of that further study to be picked out of a line up for [...]

Oprah Helping Us To Find Ourselves

I am grateful. Not blessed, not lucky but grateful. I have an incredible life with my beautiful children, amazing house and truly special husband. I don't feel like I just landed here out of sheer luck, I feel like I’ve delivered this miracle from my own intentions. That intention started with pure love for my partner, [...]

Stop Your Complaining

You’ve been complaining a lot. You whinge about your children. Your house. How busy you are. The activities you take your kids to. The amount of time they “need” you. Your lack of sleep. You complain about the holiday you just took where you couldn’t relax and you complain about the amount of time you had to spend at the shops prior to Christmas. You complain about the weather, you complain about your husband. You are justified. You are righteous. You are the victim in every story. These things have been done to you and you need to be soothed, cajoled, reassured that you are justified, you are right and you are the victim. You’ve spoken about these things with multiple people and they have reinforced your position and shared their own complaints. You have fired up for them and given them advice for the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves. If you are feeling uncomfortable right now thinking I’m talking about you…please be rest assured I am not. I haven’t been in your house judging you, taking notes and saving up every comment you make for my blog. Like most of the things I write here – I’m talking about me. Only me.