Support Yourself (and other prolific insights from Twitter)

And no, I’m not about to start preaching about supporting yourself financially…as a stay-at-home Mum I am extremely grateful and privileged to have a husband who works hard for us.

What I am talking about is supporting who you are. Instead of talking to yourself negatively, start giving yourself an allowance to like who you are.

I say all this as the tweets are rolling in from the Hay House, I Can Do It seminar. I am brand new to Twitter (follow me @yogichousewife!) and it seems that I have arrived at the right time.

There is just so much wisdom on Twitterdom plus I got a sneak peek of Kim Kardashian’s new hairstyle! I think this is the point where I admit I don’t ever watch the real news, E News is my bible of what is happening in the world. I think it’s because I’m such a positive person that the negativity of the news brings me down 🙂

Ok so back to the Louise Hay wisdom.

  • Treat yourself as you do someone you really love
  • Throughout the day make moments of pleasure for yourself
  • Nourish your body so you have a nourished mind…they are linked
  • Stop all criticism and accept yourself as you are and…
  • (One of my personal faves) If you look at your closet and say you have nothing to wear then it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy…even if you buy something you will still have nothing to wear because that is what you believe

Change your thinking now and start believing in yourself.

Love and Light





  1. I write a blog about health. I am nominating you for The Beautiful Blogger Award. I have not posted my post on my blog as yet but I am notifying you so you can get a head start. Congratulations!

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