Start Your Own Bookclub

One of the funnest things we’ve done in the last couple of years is to start a book club.

We got the idea when my best friend and I were reading the Twilight books together. It was so much fun to talk about what was happening with Edward and Bella and where we were up to, that we wanted to continue that fun.

Imagine, if you will, a club where everybody gets references you make to the imaginative world you’ve had your head stuck in all month.

Or put it this way, how much fun is Facebook at the moment with everyone reading 50 Shades? There are references being made on status updates all over the world. You need to read the book to get the “in” jokes.

So we sent emails out to a few girlfriends and we ended up with about 10 girls.  It’s a good number for us but many book clubs are smaller or bigger than this.

So our book club “rules” are:

  • We rotate who’s house we hold it at, they are the “Host”.
  • We have it on the last Sunday of every month so people can schedule it into their diaries
  • The person who hosts provides the nibbles and drinks (the first night everybody brought something and the amount of food was horrendous!)
  • The host chooses the book and the following month asks the questions on their book, just to give the discussion a bit of structure.

We originally had a rule where we had a book that also had a movie (for those who were time poor that month) but we’ve since abandoned that idea and really go with whatever the host chooses that month. It is not a highly literary club by any means (none of us could get through Jane Austen) but it’s been eye-opening to read books of other people’s choosing.

It’s widened my own personal outlook on what I thought I liked to read and introduced me to new genres.

A book club is also a great way of catching up, meeting new people and having a girly night once a month.






  1. My Book Club has been meeting for five years this July. I love these ladies, they have supported me through thick and thin and we usually get around to discussing the book at some point…between gossip and cake eating!

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