Ssssh…Don’t Tell Your Mother

So last night my family bore witness to the short-term impact of sugar on the pint-size body of a three year old. For those who have seen this phenomenon it is instantaneous and quite a spectacle.

As you can imagine being very health conscious I don’t let him have a lot of sugar at home. I find that he is happy with fruit, popcorn and things like coconut balls  (using dates as sweeteners) or Anzac biscuits (made with honey or maple syrup). As a treat he loves chocolate. My dark chocolate, with no sugar.

Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES the other stuff. But he’s happy at home not being given any of this.

So back to last night.

It was my Dad’s birthday and I always let Julian have a little piece of cake to celebrate. This is mostly to keep everyone’s sanity because if he was the only one excluded (even if Mummy didn’t have any) there would be melt downs. So I use the same theory with birthday parties.

The cake was sweeter than we all thought it would be (it was a cheesecake) and I think Julian might have been the only one to finish his plate.

At first he started talking really fast.

Then he was practically jumping out of his skin with excitement.

Then he did a few laps around the lounge room.

It was a manic happiness. He couldn’t control himself or his emotions and he was teetering on the brink of sugar-crazy. This was right before bedtime. He had his pyjamas on and everything.

What goes up must come down. Usually it ends in tears. Sometimes shouting (parents and child).


I don’t think there is one. You just have to go with what your instincts tell you.

Mine tell me that by keeping Julian excited about healthy treats and not sweetening his meals then his sweet tooth won’t get much sweeter. He’ll make up his own mind eventually but when I can control his exposure to potential harmful chemicals (there is not much in white sugar that is natural plus it’s usually packaged up in an additive cocktail) I will, especially while he is this little.

Judged for keeping sweet stuff from your children?

You don’t have to research much to see links of sugar consumption to diabetes, heart-disease, cancer, increased blood pressure and obesity.

I don’t think there is any need for justifications.

Do what you feel is right for your child.


  1. When people give my kids sugary, sweet junk food I wonder who’s need are they meeting? You have to wonder if they do it to make themselves feel better because I’m with you…kids just don’t need it. There is SO many good alternatives using natural sweeteners etc.

    I am LOVING your blog Nicola…you are writing wonderfully and I relate to everything you say! I think we are on the same wavelength x

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