Spiderman, Spiderman

Today’s Mantra: Let them eat cake

It’s all over.

3rd birthday and party done and dusted.

It turned out really well. It was just a small family and close friends get together. The last two parties Julian has seemed quite over-whelmed to be honest. New people all wanting to say hello to him made him quite introverted at his birthday.

This year he was comfortable and happy.

Three months ago he asked me for a Spiderman party, he said that he would be spiderman and everyone else would dress up. He planned his own party and theme. Aunty Carrot and I set to work on making his dream a reality. From the invite…..(Carolina is a genius)

To the cake….(Photo courtesy of Bloom Pixels and Aunty Carrot’s new photo editing favourite)

We had Spiderman cups, plates, balloons, napkins and served mini hamburgers (Woolworths now sell mini organic meat hamburgers!) and mini hotdogs for the kids. I over catered as usual and there was a mountain of food and drink leftover. I think I catered for our usual amount of guests!

The day was nice enough so we held the party at our local park and we barely saw the kids, they were too busy playing…until a special guest arrived.

The adults killed themselves laughing as Spidey jumped around, the kids were enthralled and Julian…well Julian was plain terrified. Even after Daddy took off the mask and disappointed the leagues of kids hanging off his suit, Julian still wasn’t sure about this guy.

Very amusing.

Happy Birthday Ju Ju Bug xx

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