Sometimes kindness bites you in the…

I’m a bit frazzled now.

It was all going beautifully, a gorgeous day at the zoo for Julian’s little friend Sam’s birthday.

At first the weather was iffy, I had to go back to the house twice for wet weather gear but by the time we got there the sun was out and the kids had a ball splashing in the puddles. The animals seemed happy that it had rained and they were active and entertaining.

On the way to the car I said to Julian, “Did you have a good day?”

He said, “Yeah but I was a bit tired at the end.” He hangs his head and looks on the verge of crying.

Perfect time for a nice drive, I think to myself, they’ll both fall asleep and I can have an hour to myself.

I look in the rear view mirror and there’s Leo’s with his sweet little eyes still open but Julian is gone. As is their habit, they are still holding hands.

Seconds later it’s mayhem.

Leo has raised Julian’s fast asleep hand and bit it, hard.

Julian’s hysterical.

I’m cursing the timing. We are nearly bloody home.

I calm Julian down and have to stretch my hand back to hold his. He gives Leo an evil look. I try to explain he’s a baby and he’s teething but that doesn’t fly with Jules. He holds his arm as far away from Leo as possible.

Little Leo’s hand keeps stretching for Julian’s but it’s no use. Julian is not forgiving. Leo is upset with the lack of hand holding (I always thought it was Julian’s thing but he obviously likes it) and starts balling just as Julian stops.

I have done a few loops around my house at this point. I pull over and give Leo a dummy and look over Julian’s injured hand, there’s not a mark on him.

I give up the awkward hand holding with Julian and let him be.

Jules assesses the situation and as Leo’s mouth is busy with the dummy begrudgingly gives him back the hand.

Now Jules can finally close his eyes and I get some peace.




  1. Ever seen that cartoon of the Coyote pushing the boulder up the hill only to have it continually roll back over him….time after time after time….yep…that was a true story based on MOTHERHOOD!

  2. awww, poor Jules and poor Leo who is probably wondering what he did! and of course poor mum! more fights to come sweetie unfortunately xx better buy some earplugs

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