Sometimes I Love my Job

Today’s Mantra: I Move With Life

I don’t like to admit it much but sometimes its just plain great being a stay-at-home Mama.

We are frantically busy, sleep-deprived and have an avalanche of demands from under-age Dictators. These little mess-makers can frustrate the hell out of you but watching them grow is awe-inspiring.

How good is the sound of children’s laughter? Pure, unadultered happiness filters out of them and projects onto everyone around them. Our little miracles.

As much as kids would like to dictate their own schedules, diets and what they get to take home from the shops, at the end of the day we are still in control.

Us stay at home Mama’s still get to have a (pretty good) life.

Coffees with girlfriends, time alone (when they are napping) and dragging my seven month old dress shopping have been highlights of my week. We have a ball tonight and I am looking forward to some much needed time away from the little cherubs.

So once I clean Leo up from the mess he’s just made with a texta……

I have a night out…just my husband and I.



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