Simplify Your LIfe

When did things get so complicated? 

My kids have so many toys that they don’t play with any. 

Making treats for the kids got so complicated I just didn’t bother baking. 

Dinners/lunches/breakfast takes forever to prepare.

I still have so much STUFF even though I’ve been “minimising” for years. 

I just want simple.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

It seems to be the theme of my year.

I tried to make my theme for the year “fun” but I’m going to settle for joyful simplicity.

It makes me really happy to pare down. To get back to basics. To have less.

For example – I have slightly dry skin and have bought all the “moisturizing” products on the market. Last week I tried coconut oil after hearing that Melissa Ambrosini used it on her skin. Visit her gorgeous blog here.

MA_web banner_MEL

She uses it as a cleanser, make-up remover, all body lotion and a face moisturizer. So I tried it. Now I have soft skin and it takes off make-up so quickly!  Plus it’s a pretty cheap buy as far as cosmetics go so I have been lathering my body in it too.

Continuing my simple theme…..I am lucky enough to know (virtually) the gorgeous Debra Dane from Home Life Simplified and I was gifted her Simplify Your Life book. I am currently working my way through it and I love it! You can check it out here.

simplify your life book

Also, I just discovered the website Wholefood Simply. Finally some treat making I am good at!!! I have all the ingredients on hand for these recipes and they are so super quick, easy and delicious. I feel like blinkers have been taken off my eyes.


And lastly who needs complicated pantry ingredients, a plethora of grains and legumes and a cupboard full of recipe books when we could just eat simply?

For the next month I’ll be talking about the 30 day Paleo challenge that my family are undertaking. It’s an experiment. I want to see how we feel when we are “off” grains and how simply we can eat. The “lifestyle” promotes organic and best grass-fed meats, a ton of organic fruit and vegetables and some nuts. That’s pretty much it. Simple. The stuff nature supplies us with.

How about you? What theme has your life taken this year? 


  1. Love this post! Indeed we complicate our lives so much sometimes when things can be made much simpler. Our kids need simple toys, simple needs like love and time from us and simple life.

  2. Last year I lived a theme of ease, which sounds similar to what you are currently exploring. This year I am still living a life of ease but certain areas have been amplified – and I’m still loving it! PS – I use coconut oil on my whole body and even a tad as hair product to keep frizz away. It’s amazing stuff hey 🙂

    1. No, slowing down is hard – with kids, with passions, with the amount we take on – but at least if things are simple we don’t need to wade through as much stuff to get what we need 🙂

  3. So true! Since moving house a month or so ago I have been trying to rid our lives of ‘stuff’… but the kids don’t like it as much as I do! But I couldn’t agree more about simplifying your beauty routine and cooking – it shouldn’t be hard, should it? But we so often think we need to DO more to BE more. Thanks for the reminder sweetheart! x ps. and let us know how the 30 day Paleo challenge goes! xx

  4. Love this and so glad you are liking my ebook. I have been exploring “decision fatigue” recently and am going to start experimenting with simplifying daily choices i have to make. Sounds like you are on that path with the food decisions! Can’t wait to hear how you go with that! – deb xx

  5. Coconut oil mixed with bicarb of soda, and even a drop of pure peppermint or cinnamon oil as a cheap and chemical free toothpaste. Think you can use a drop of clove or fennel oil,,, depending on preferred taste. Must be pure though. 🙂

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