Sick of the Whining!

Today’s Mantra: Live for today

We had a day at home today, Julian’s nose is overflowing and he has a little cough. We quarantined ourselves, just in case.

I achieved a lot, the house is clean, most of my to-do list done and the thermomix went into overdrive. I made a curry paste, green smoothies, and a roasted vege pasta sauce. Plus I cooked a chicken stock all day long.

Hopefully a nice chicken soup will be enough to kick Julian’s cold.

The only problem when your focused and productive is…the little people are still there, waiting to be cared for and entertained.

All day long i heard it.

It was constant…and unbearable.

The whinging, the whining, the constant movement of lips. The noise grating against my ears.

Eventually… I just had to stop talking.

I hated the sound of my own voice.

“Juuuulian – stop it!”

“Juuuulian clean that up!”

“Juuuulian learn to aim properly…there’s pee on the floor again!”


Feeling guilty at the end of the day, I say to Jules tentatively….what was the funnest part of your day?

He said,  “The bath, Mum.”

He was currently in the bath.

I said, “Really.” He nodded.

These kids are not looking for Super-Mum. They live in the moment and are happiest when they have you. They also are oblivious to the fact that you’ve been nagging them all day.

Warms the heart 🙂

 (Jules and Leo rocking out at home)


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