Seven Ways To Improve Today

Today’s Mantra: We are made up of our today’s and will be thankful tomorrow

I have a headache; my muscles ache; I slept on the blow-up bed as the plan to sort out Julian’s sleep is back-firing;  I have a mountain of prep work to do before I go away next week, just so the family can run smoothly without me and I want to sleep.

Both kids home today so chances of that are unlikely.

So that got me thinking…how can I get motivated and improve today?

Option 1 – RELAX: Let it all go, take some painkillers and hope that I feel like doing it tomorrow (plus tomorrow’s to-do’s). I find that sometimes when I let myself off the hook, I end up doing it because I don’t “have to”. 

Option 2 – BE PRODUCTIVE: Write a list and start moving, ignore headache and muscles and get on with it. 

Option 3 – BE REACTIVE: Sit here and complain…which weirdly actually makes me feel better.

Options 4 – GET MOVING: Take dogs and children out to a park. Sunshine, fresh air and laughter will improve my mood. Then get back to it. 

Option 5 – BE GRATEFUL: Focus on the good things to improve my mood: kids are healthy, house is clean, I have lunch for the kids already, we’re getting take-away tonight, we are having friends over. 

Option 6 – LOOK FOR SYMPATHY: Call husband and complain, probably easier to call husband tell him to read blog. Less work. 

Option 7 – HELP MYSELF: Close my eyes for just twenty minutes, putting something fun on TV for kids. 

Ok so which one do I choose? Even writing them I know I’m probably going to do everything on this list… so I better get going….

How do you improve your today?


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