Riding in cars with boys…

Today’s Mantra: Live for today

For the record I was opposed to having the two kids sit near each other. I have just inherited my husband’s car and we got rid of mine…so the car seats weren’t swapped over. This left Julian and Leo to give me a glimpse of the future.

Up till now there has been little mischief or fighting between the two boys, as Leo is only just five months old. We went on an innocent trip today to my gorgeous sister-in-law’s shop (Chica Gifts and Home in Applecross – check it out!), to buy some more glass baby bottles.

Julian was lucky enough to get a gift from Aunty Carrot of a little stamp.  Mummy was silly enough not to take it off him in the car….

After I see something resembling a racoon instead of a baby in my rear view mirror, I frantically pull over to check the damage. When I realise that Julian has also stamped his tonguue, I make a frantic call to Health Direct who transfer me to the poisons hotline.

Mama’s for your information children’s stamps are not poisonous….


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