Raising Boys

Today’s Mantra: Boys will be boys

I know I am raising a boy when….

  1. The first thing he says to me in the morning is I love you.
  2. The first thing he says to my husband? I have a fluff for you Daddy.
  3. I am asked many times a day, (exclusive to my husband’s requests) would you like to see my Pito? (Spanish for you know what).
  4. I hear the phrase, “Leo you are a spew-head” bandied about.
  5. He is concerned about whether I can see his bum-bum.
  6. His logic astounds me. Mum was telling him about Santa coming down the chimney, Julian asked, “Why doesn’t he just come through the door?”
  7. I have on more than one occasion wished I’d been an engineer.
  8. I have already been warned that when he gets big he will drive a blue car and a red car.
  9. I know all the Thomas engines by name…even Rheneas.
  10. He knows why Daddy goes to work. To get money for chips.


  1. and isnt it just a joy but I would try to dissuade him from the phrase “do you want to my pito” , not widely accepted as a social interaction haha

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