Professional Jealousy

Today’s Mantra: Open your mind to the possibilities

I love my life…I am thankful and grateful for everything I have but…

How come my stomach squirms when I see people with a huge blog following, using ideas that I would love to be able to initiate or getting a book published?

I think it’s because I want to be doing more but haven’t made the time for myself to do it. My projects are moving slowly forward or just floating as ideas in my head. I have no concrete plan of action or deadlines.

And to be fair to myself…I am saying this and dreaming about having time as my son walks around with his shoes on the wrong feet.

Let’s face it…he still needs me.

But after spending the last couple of days lost in the blogger-sphere I want more. I want to reach higher and I want to inspire people like they are inspiring me.

I also want to feel pure joy when I am inspired by others and not turn just that little bit green.

As always the answer has landed in my lap.

The beautiful Rachel Magahy at has released her free e-book today on her site. It’s called More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways To Create Your Best Life Ever.

It’s really no surprise then (for those who believe in the power of the universe) that this book arrived as I was feeling this way. Of course there is a section on the green-eyed monster and how to handle it.

#17 Turn Jealousy Into Inspiration

She explains that jealousy arises when you feel separate – when you realise that there is gaping divide between where you are and where you want to be. This brings with it the opportunity to look at why you are feeling this way and work out how to get to where you want to be.

Hey presto – inspiration.

Go visit her at the site, get your free copy of the e-book and get a lot more nuggets of wisdom where that one came from.

Oh and watch this space for….more.



  1. You are inspiring people already – including me. Doing what you are passionate about and putting yourself out there with your fab writing. Job done – tick!

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