Pay Attention!

I’ve been a magnet for speeding tickets lately.

Not because I am a speed demon – my fines have never been past the ten kilometre over mark – but simply because I’m driving on automatic pilot.

I’m thinking. I’m talking to the kids. I’m singing.

I thought I got another one this morning.

I was driving to return like the tenth doona I’ve tried on our new kingsize (!) bed and my head was in the clouds. I saw a flash of light and that was my cue to get back into my body.

To pay attention.

I was horrified. What a waste of money. And then…

Was it a speed camera in a car? I simply was not paying enough attention to work out if it was a reflection of light or an actual flash.

So I shopped. Reminding myself to stay grounded. Stay with the present. To stop freaking out about what my hubby was going to say. To stop feeling ashamed and trying to work out how to hide the ticket.

So I went five minutes out of my way on the trip to the gym to check if it was a speed camera.

It wasn’t.

But I got the message the universe was sending me loud and clear.

Pay attention!

The only moment is now. Right here.

So pay attention. Don’t get side-tracked.

There is nothing more beautiful or important than this very moment.

Does this happen to you? Do you try and figure out what it means or just get on with your day? 



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