Parenting The Hell Out Of Them

My little boy Julian broke his arm on Easter Thursday. We’d been playing at the park where he’d been climbing trees, poking around in bushes and getting up to his waist (don’t ask me how) in mud.

We walked back to our place and he ran out the back to play in his cubby, yelling for his brother to join him. Leo had already raced in to watch TV and being that they’d had so much fresh air I thought TV was fine for Leo and good on Julian for still wanting to be outside and play. It gives me happiness and joy to see the kids outside and being imaginative.

Julian lured Leo outside and I heard screams shortly after. This is no rare occurrence. Nor is crying, squealing, thumping, bumping or general hystericalness (I know that’s not a word but I like it).

I have three children at some point during most days all of the above occurs. What usually happens is I freeze, my ears prick up and then I do a thorough analysis of the noise.

1. Constant screaming and then stopping (good)

2. Tears then a stomping sound meaning they are coming my way (bad for me but if they are good enough to walk towards me they are fine)

3. Short angry screams (good)

4. Wailing (usually fine)

5. Thumps are fine as long as they are followed by screaming

6. A thump with silence – this can go two ways – they are either so hurt they can’t cry or are getting ready to (bad) or they are totally fine and you just have to listen for the next noise which is usually laughter

My grading scale also changes depending on which kid I think it is. The little one I am still quite protective over, my middle one is a trooper and my oldest, quite the drama King.

So Easter Thursday  was a thump with silence. Then screaming. Lots of tears. He was huddled over near the bottom of the cubby next to the slide at first and then he came towards me holding his arm. Not good and yet I still waited a while (sometimes they can come good) but unfortunately not this time.

We waited for the pizza to arrive (he demanded that we did) then we went to the hospital.

He had fractured his humerus bone – not so funny for him but he was amazing in the hospital – so brave. I hit my funny bone yesterday and I thought I was dying (I know where my little drama King gets it from!).

He spent the first day with his neck down, shoulders slumped feeling down and out. I was going over the what if’s in my mind and wishing it hadn’t happened and then I just gave the worry away. I let it go.

My girlfriend said to me “I was reading an article by Clare Warden the other day and she was saying it should be every kids right to fracture a bone playing outside. So actually it sounds like you are parenting the hell out of Jules”

I loved it. There are so many things in life where you could think – maybe I should have – I wish he’d just have come inside and watched the damn TV but you can’t go back and if you don’t roll with the punches then you get hit.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I truly believe there is no point obsessing over the past or worrying about the future.

I’m parenting the hell out of my children. I’m doing my best. So are you and so is every other parent you know. Lets give each other our support x

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  1. He got over pretty quick and is doing good with one arm , all kids take tumbles just. Need to hope for the best when they do x

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