Parallel Universe

Today’s Mantra: Be the change you want to see

I think I woke up in the wrong house.

You guessed it, I got a full night’s sleep. Julian came in about 6:30am and Leo kept sleeping. I checked on him then of course but he didn’t make an appearance until ten past seven.

The day ran beautifully.

Julian didn’t whinge, annoy, meltdown or cause me more work than necessary. Leo slept, giggled, ate and happily played on the floor for half hours at a time.

I took the two kids to the shop – groceries, toys and clothes…and nothing. Not a whimper of bad behaviour from either of them. They charmed, smiled and greeted other patrons.

So was it my behaviour (after sleep) that made them this way or was it their behaviour that kept us all calm and serene?

Julian ate a two course lunch and I opened up the doors of the house on a beautiful winters day. I love Perth. Winters can still be so amazingly warm and lovely. My house helps. This is only the second winter we’ve spent in it but it’s practically another climate as there is so much sun coming through the windows.

I also got fifteen minutes to myself when I went on the second run in my 5km work out program. It’s very handy having a best friend next door to leave the kids with.

Unfortunately I was looking forward to getting my yoga mojo back with an ashtanga beginners course that I never made it to. This is week 3 and between a concert and Broome I haven’t been yet. The predicted storm with weather warning kept me in tonight so I’m writing it (literally) off again. Next week is the Guy Sebastian concert. Who knew Tuesday night’s were so happening?

We haven’t had regular family dinner with my family in ages either so tonight we got back to normal with dinner at my place. My grandparents pulled out due to the storm so it was dinner for 8 (including Jules and Leo). We all pitch in and its a good chance for a catch up and for everyone to see the kids. With the family here to wear them out the kids go down beautifully once their gone.

Batten down the hatches tonight Perth and stay safe x

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