Paleo 30 Day Challenge

A week in.

I’m feeling good.

It actually hasn’t been that different to the way I normally eat.

It’s my husband who I am so proud of. He’s fallen off the wagon twice but that hasn’t deterred him. A week without sugar I thought would have sent him crazy but he’s been fine. Maybe women and men really are built differently!

I do have to admit that I am finding breakfasts a tad boring so I am going to make a loaf of paleo bread with almond flour to break up the monotony of eggs, eggs and more eggs. I am looking forward to summer fruits for a little bit of variety.

My Week 2 Plan is below if you are looking for any inspiration for this week’s meals.

Week 2

I also thought I would post some delicious savoury meals for you to try:

This super-charged pizza via The Natural New Age Mum – could it look any more delicious?



Or how about a gorgeous salad with prawns from the amazing Bek Mugridge?

These Egg Muffins from the beautiful Brenda Janschek are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Have a delicious week!!




  1. Loving all the great healthy options on the weekly planner. Could you try a grain free apple crumble for breakfast? Thanks for including my egg muffins which are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks!

  2. Love your menu plan! So glad hubby is on board too – makes your life easier! I have seen paleo granolas floating around the web which might be nice!

  3. I thought your comment about men and women being different food-wise is spot on (at least in my experience).
    All of the men I know find it much easier to say no to sweets than women – but take away their meat and there is rebellion!

  4. Hi I was just wondering when you have wraps and tortillas do you make your own or do you buy them.
    I’m new to all this so very interested in your meal plans. Thanks

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