One Of “Those Days”

Last night I was at yoga, the peace descending as we finished our practice and moved into Savasana, lying in corpse pose, reaping the benefits. We were told to empty the thoughts in our mind and then this popped into my mind.

I didn’t find it funny the first time I saw it, but this was my day on Monday so it popped into my mind and I almost burst out into hysterical laughter.

Because Monday was Monday and here I was, once again at peace, and I wanted to tell The Grinch, gleefully, this too shall pass.

Because we all have those moments.

I was day three into having the kids not leave the house because of rain and things to do around the house. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of food-begging, more questions than answers and sometimes, even with all the tools in the world, people need to change their situation.

I tried nature, we went to the park, played frisbee, looked for a geocache (I have no idea and poor Julian was trying so hard) and then the crazy kids just started stripping off.

I took them home and they ran riot outside in various stages of undress, seemingly mocking me. We had an afternoon tea conversation that consisted of only the word “boobies” and hysterical laughter from my two oldest.

So I tried to meditate and was interrupted. I reached out to my bestie texting and venting and desperately searching my mind for a plan to get rid of this mood. Because I found it really hard to be in the moment, feeling what I did. I tried to sit with it, I really did, but in the end it was Chinese food and wine that really lifted my spirits on that day.

And sometimes you just need to do what works.




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