Nobody Knows

I was going to write so many different posts today but as I was brushing my teeth and getting into my pajamas (yes, at quarter to eight) a whole range of differing thoughts were going through my head. I was trying to sort out the advice I had been given and what to do with it.

And it really pissed me off.

I have a sick baby. He’s been sick since the start of June. He’s had a vicious ear infection that had him heated to 39.5 degrees for five days. He had a middle ear infection that had our whole house delirious when he cried out every half hour, all through the night for three nights. And he’s had croup. When he was sleeping (only if he was under my arm,) I couldn’t sleep with worry that his airways were restricting, maybe so much he’d struggle to breathe.

So as I was brushing my teeth I was going through the things I’ve been told by Doctor’s and Nurses this month. The below advice was given by three Doctors face to face, an emergency room Doctor and Registered Nurses, during four over the phone consultations:

“Most ear infections don’t react to antibiotics…but this one’s bacterial and won’t clear up without it

Only give him panadol…it’s safest

No, don’t only give him panadol…ear infections are seriously painful, give him both at the same time

Panadol goes through the kidneys, nurofen goes through the liver – that’s why you can give them both during the same period 

The antibiotic he was on for the middle ear infection wasn’t working…change antibiotic

You may need a stronger antibiotic, children are becoming immune to the mild ones

He probably doesn’t have an ear infection, the croup virus will cause the pinkness in the ears…you should probably stop the antibiotics

No, don’t stop the antibiotics you could make him immune to the antibiotics in the future, if he gets the same illness again.”

…And this is just a small example of differing medical opinions.

No one really knows.

It is an educated guessing game. The Doctors I’ve seen don’t even pretend to be surprised when you come back and completely discredit their original idea and treatment when there is a new symptom.

It reminds me of an episode of House where they just keep poking, prodding and  drug-trialling the patient until they get better (or not).

As with advice about helath and diets, medical education is being updated by the minute and it’s pretty clear to me that no one  I’ve been talking to is keeping up.

We are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of our children but not a lot of Mum’s out there have medical degrees. I try to be the best Mum I can and keep educated on the best way to fuel their little bodies and boost their immune system but the assault from illness, particularly in winter, is relentless.

Has it always been this way? Or is it becoming an epidemic that even good nutrition and health practices can’t keep up with?

I applaud the Doctors featured in the article that was shared on the I Quit Sugar facebook page today. They pointed out that Doctor’s are only focused on reactive practices and GP’s are not focused on informing their patients of the lifestyle changes that could prevent future illnesses. See the full article at

Food for thought.

Meanwhile I have booked Leo in for yet another Doctor’s appointment next week, when our GP gets back from her seven week holiday… and he still needs to get his six month old vaccinations.

Fun times ahead.


  1. I’m not a doctor by any means, but I am a mom. My advice is to follow whatever advice your instincts tell you to. You are that baby’s mother and none of the doctors know your child as well as you do. If you think ALL the advice they are giving you is wrong, or you feel you need more information, you are within your rights to demand more tests. Hoping your little one feels better soon!

  2. It can be so infuriating and frustrating…all mums understand what you are going through. When Lucia used to suffer with ear infections, I used to alternate panadol and nurofen 3-4 hourly…and I’m not a big advocate of drugs but ear infections are seriously painful. I also once told a doctor I was not leaving the office without a prescription for the ear infection…you get to know your kids and see the signs. I just hate it when they say, we’ll see how it goes, come back in a few days…have they tried to make a medical appointment lately? Bigs hugs o you and Leo x

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