No Ordinary Days

Today’s Mantra: I appreciate my extra-ordinary life

As I sit here writing with a still-proud smile on my face from Julian’s concert triumph (he made it all the way through this morning without running to me) I can’t help thinking that there are no ordinary days.

Yesterday I didn’t write.

I didn’t have anything particularly funny, helpful or really heart-warming to write and so I didn’t.

But today I think that’s untrue.

If I think about yesterday my mind is filled with squeals of delight and joy:

  • I can see Leo, smirk on his face, on his feet behind his Chuggington train, using it as a walker and roaming around the house. 
  • I can hear the conversation I had with Julian about heroes, “Who is Mike the Knight?”      “A hero Mummy.”  “Oh. Who is your hero Julian?” “My Daddy.” Aaaaw.“Why?”“Because he loves me.” That’s before he changed his mind and decided it was me for the same reason. 
  • I can see Julian and I tucked up in his bed, saying what we were thankful for that day. 
  • I can see myself with my best girlfriends chatting at the table in my beautiful home. 
  • I can see my family, with my Mother-in-law, having dinner, sharing stories and laughter, encouraging Julian to put his hands up when he wants to talk so he can stop interrupting our conversations. 
  • I can see myself picking up my dogs from the groomers and how thrilled they were to see me, despite the face that Oscar had two Christmas bows in his hair. He’s a boy dog, he should of been mad at me. 
  • I can see myself trying to keep up an argument with my husband as he bends down to kiss me and tells me he loves me.

So you see there are no ordinary days.

Sometimes it’s only when we look back that we realise just how lucky we are to have had them.

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