No Excuses

Oh my goodness.

I was reading a children’s book that I’ve bought Julian for his birthday last night and realised that I am constantly making excuses.

No Excuses! by Wayne Dyer is a simple story but the thought behind it is based on his adult self-help book, Excuses Begone! 

In the book they look at:

Why Am I Making An Excuse?

Are you scared or do you think it’s too hard? You might miss out on a lot of fun experiences if you think this way.

Where did the excuse come from? 

People blame everyone else but YOU are the only one making the excuse.

Is the Excuse true?

How do you know that it will be too hard? That you won’t enjoy it or be good at it?

Here are just a few of my excuses that I use on a daily basis…..

I can’t bake. (Even though I often tell Julian that Can’t is not a word!)

Hmm. Not totally true. I just try and speed through the process and often it comes out wrong. Also I will start the cake even if I don’t have all the ingredients and the right size pans. It doesn’t work out enough times for me to want to pursue this hobby.

I kill plants. 

I have plants alive and well in my house right now.

I’m not crafty

I don’t enjoy tasks where I have to be precise but I can paint up a storm.

So what is this stopping me from doing?

  • Growing the little organic garden I want.
  • Baking more so that Julian has lunches that aren’t sandwiches.
  • Getting my kids involved in more fun projects (don’t you just love when they look at you like your going to show them this amazing, fun thing to do)

I think once again this is all about priorities. For now I have a lot going on (excuse?) but towards the end of the year I will start chipping away at these goals little by little.

No More Excuses!

What do you make excuses about? 

PS As I was finishing this post I had a quiche crust in the oven. I put it in for 15 minutes as directed. When I pulled it out it was on fire. I accidentally put the grill on.

No quiche for dinner.





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