Nature and Kids

Today’s Mantra: Count Your Blessings

This morning  at 7am I’m pleasantly surprised it is warm enough to open the doors for the kids. It’s a bonus that I get to sit outside on my laptop and write this with a coffee, especially as I am just about to extol nature and all its virtues.

  In our urban city environment there are rare moments when our children can connect with nature…without then jumping on a huge plastic piece of play equipment.

Yesterday a girlfriend and I took the kids to a new (ish) development in King’s Park (which is Perth’s version of Central Park). One of the mining companies had spent a ton of money and re-created a natural environment for children to enjoy.

Creeks, billabongs, wetlands and bush walks.

When I got there I was quite amazed, as someone who is not really into camping, I was probably going to count on my hands the number of times my kids waded in creeks and stomped through the bush.

Not now…. Julian loved it and even though it’s probably not the ideal spot to take a ten-month old he was so happy sitting in the creek and climbing a few rocks for over an hour. I was going to research all the benefits that kids get by being outside and inter-acting with nature to prove why we should be doing this more often but I decided against it. For me it feels right that they are outside in the fresh air, getting some sun and having some serious fun. That is all I need to be convinced.

Plus I got a few of my own benefits.        

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