Natural Remedies For Sick Kids

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining brightly. I got a cuddle at 7:15 when Julian, my oldest, came into our room. We giggled on the bed for a while then I went downstairs to make breakfast and a coconut rough treat for his morning tea. (The recipe can be found here at the AMAZING Wholefood Simply website.

Photo: Mmm thank you @wholefoodsimply for the delicious coconut rough recipe!!!


I had great plans to clean the playroom today. But alas, Leo woke with a 38 degree temperature, a funny cough and a full blown cold. He wouldn’t let me put him down for the first hour he was up.

So I went through my ritual of helping him feel better. I actually laughed at myself when I realised exactly how many steps there were but I’m proud to have so many alternatives to traditional medicine….even if I have to eventually cave in and give him some traditional pain relief.

All the natural remedies are sure to help him heal faster and get us out of the house sooner.

So here goes:

I start diffusing DoTerra’s breathe remedy to ease the congestion.


I then place some oils on his feet.

Peppermint to ease fever. Lavender to make him feel better and then some more breathe.


Then I give him his homeopathic cold/flu remedy from the wonderful Nicole at Puraforce Remedies.


I took him to the Doctor to confirm it was nothing sinister then booked a chiro appointment for him this afternoon to get his immune system moving.

I have made a beetroot, carrot and apple juice and when he wakes he will get a green juice.


I might take him for a quick spin in the pram for some sunshine and fresh air.

I will let him rest as much as his poor little body will let him.

And I will love him with lots of kisses, cuddles and coddling.

The playroom can wait.

What are your go to remedies for your children? 


  1. Is everyone on the planet sick!?! So much sickness going around the last week or so.
    So yep, very similar stuff going on here too. 🙂 I don’t tend to take them to the doctor unless it seems really really bad. I also use flower essences and they tolerated mummy tapping with them too.

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