My Universe Responds

Today’s Mantra: Gratitude

After my (badly disguised) cry for help in yesterday’s post, I have woken up this morning refreshed, awake and energised.

After I hit publish on my post yesterday:

  • Both kids slept for 1.5 hours – at the same time.
  • My Mum came over, Julian begged her to take him home with her for a sleepover, she took one look at me and agreed.
  • Mamacino (check out her awesome blog  here) posted a lovely comment – I was at the stage where kindness was making me cry!
  • My husband came home, kid 2 had started crying again (I was into my second hour of resettling him) so he went straight upstairs to see him and I left for Yoga.
  • Ashtanga Yoga wasn’t as bad as the previous time. I felt that my muscles were angry with me for stopping Yoga, even as they burned they seemed to say Thank You. Unfortunately mixed with endorphins I also had that seasick feeling again on the way home. I don’t think that flowy, bouncy Ashtanga Yoga is for me but I heard my body’s cry for help and will be getting back into Yoga/Running/Walking/Tennis starting from today. (See how much energy I have!)
  • Leo was quiet all evening.
  • My husband brought him into me when he woke at 11pm. After I burst into tears at being woken up Daniel took Leo downstairs and then slept with him in Julian’s bed so I could get a goodnight’s rest (and be a nicer person in the morning). Bless.
  • My blog on Sugar was reblogged or (re-scooped) here. Which is always a boost.

A big Thank You to everyone – especially my husband and Mum and Dad for your help.

Here is a picture of the cause of it all…looking very innocent.


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