My Twilight Saga

Today’s Mantra: Dreams come true

Stephenie Meyer had a dream…

and thank goodness she was so inspired by the vision of the love scene in the meadow that she felt the need to write it down and give the world The Twilight Saga.

I went and saw the final instalment in the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Thursday night and it was everything I hoped it would be.

So much so I haven’t been able to blog as I have been too busy reading Twilight and New Moon again (am currently having a 12 hour break to sleep and blog before starting Eclipse).

I bet Stephenie pinches herself every day about the success and the amazing way her words have been brought to life. Ok, I’m sure she has cringed or complained when things were changed and weren’t exactly as she imagined them, but how amazing to see your work in blockbuster form.

For those wondering what all the fuss is about or writing it off as teenage horror/romance fantasy, I will try and put into words why these books and subsequent films are such a phenomenon.

Imagine Romeo and Juliet in a love triangle with a werewolf…and Romeo is the Vampire…no that’s no right.

Imagine true love, obstacles, constant action and fantastical characters brought to life over four books and five films.

It’s the romance that gets me.

It’s written so well it hurts, literally.

When I am reading a really good book I feel like Bastian in the Never Ending Story….not really a bystander but a main character, poking my head in and out of this fantasy world as I read. In a good book you hear, smell, see, feel and believe that the characters are real….and if you do they will change your life.

I often feel slightly desolate when I finish a book, like I’ve lost friends and wander round in a daze until I’m invested in another world.

The Twilight Saga is all that and more. Some critics have sneered (jealously) that Stephenie Meyer is not a literary genius by any stretch and don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

I think she’s fantastic.

Anyone that can bring unrealistic characters to life and turn it into the romance of our generation has my vote. Her imagination must be absolutely wild to keep up with the twist and turns of the plot and keep the fire of the romance burning.

So from someone firmly entrenched in pop culture, Stephenie is my literary genius and my writing idol.

She makes me believe in dreams and hope one day to have one as inspirational 🙂



  1. Who knows…maybe one day there will be a movie about mamacino and the yogic housewife! How riveting would that be! I think I’ll get Scarlett Johanson to play me…you know, keeping it real and all that 😉

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