My Top Ten Health Tips (Guest Post by Sonia from Natural New Age Mum)

Happy Monday! Pretty excited to share this week’s post with you from the gorgeous Sonia over at Natural New Age Mum. For anyone that doesn’t read her blogs Sonia has made it her mission in life to share all things health, natural and new age with the world. She tells us about new products, investigates them and gives us an honest review. She also has loads of freebies if you feel like heading over there and maybe winning something…..

For all of us who regularly read her blogs and are lucky enough to be blog friends (is that a term?), we know that we are already winning by getting the information and beautifully written inspiration that she gives out almost daily for free.

I’ll let her introduce herself now….


I am Sonia and I am a passionate mum of two who gets excited about creating a happy, healthy and holistic life for my family. I blog about healthy food, chemical-free living and inspiration for the soul at Natural New Age Mum.I have always been interested in good health, nutrition and exercise.It has taken on many forms over the years as I learn and discover new things. 


It was harder than it would seem to come up with just ten health tips. In the end, I thought about what I would say to someone who asked,

“What are the most important things I can do for my health?”

So here is my answer:

1. Educate yourself. Learn about health and nutrition. Read labels. Read books. Read blogs. Research. Ask questions.

2. Keep it simple. Eat fresh food with the least human intervention. Don’t eat anything your grandma wouldn’t recognize. Don’t eat anything advertised on TV. The longer the shelf life, the shorter your life.

3. Drink more water. Really. It’s been said, I know, but lots of filtered water really does make a huge difference to how you feel. Ditch the softdrink, cordial and keep alcohol to a rare treat.

4. Start eating superfoods. Put simply, some foods give you more bang for your buck. My favourites are coconut oil, chia seeds and spirulina. Visit your health food store and start experimenting.

5. Choose organic. Lighten the toxic load of your family by choosing organic. You also ensure that your food is GMO and additive free at the same time. Plus, it’s good for the planet.

6. Take a probiotic. Your gut health plays an important part in your entire body’s health. Get it sorted and you will feel a million dollars. Choose a really good quality probiotic for the best effect.

7. Stretch. Our bodies are not designed to sit around all day, hunched over a computer desk or tv or video game. Get up, get on the floor and do some yoga stretches.

8. Love your body. No matter what it looks like or has been through, love your body. If you don’t love and respect your beautiful body, why would you look after it? A good place to start is Louise L Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life.

9. Slow down. Breath. Relax. Enjoy life. Stress is a killer and you don’t want to find that out too late.

10. Be Authentic. Be yourself. Trying to live a life being someone you aren’t is a sure-fire path to ill health. Happiness and health will come when you live your truth.

I have many more tips and thoughts, but ten will have to do for now! I truly think these ten are a good starting point and will make a huge impact on your life and health.

Stay Well!



What did you think of Sonia’s tips?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Make sure you head on over and check out her page at Natural New Age Mum or say hi on Facebook.


  1. My favourite is number 8. Love your body… so very true, something I learnt the hard way from being a very lonely male with anorexia

    1. Sooo many people struggle with this one, males, females, and (horror) even children. I am glad that you have learnt this one David. Melissa Ambrosini talks a lot about body issues and how to address them. You’d love her site too.

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