My Top Ten Health Tips (By Guest Blogger Lucie D’Alessandro)

Happy New Year!

How is 2013 looking for you so far?

Mine has been great, the house is nearly organised and we just got back from an awesome holiday.

I officially count today as the start of the New Year (and all the resolutions) as today is the day that my husband goes back to work and my “normality” starts.

Unfortunately it’s raining. Not a great start. Whenever it rains I think a few things:

Oscar (my dog) is going to pee inside – he does not like to get wet.

The washing! Crap!

We are stuck inside…all day.

On a positive note I do think of our poor farmers rejoicing (well I actually imagine them outside doing a rain dance of joy) and my yellowing plants coming back to life.

So this year to help you start your week right, I plan on bringing you some amazing guest posts on a Monday from  my own wellness gurus, people I look to for information and inspiration.

So the first wonderful guest blogger I have for you is Lucie D’Alessandro, a gorgeous and gifted writer who, after a diagnosis of breast cancer at 32, has embarked on an amazing wellness journey.

You can read more of her story here (and feel free to stop in at the blog, read her amazing articles and say hello, she’s lovely).

My Top 10 Health Tips (By Lucie D’Alessandro) 

Once upon a time I thought that eating brown rice and getting into downward dog on a regular basis were the ultimate keys to health and happiness. They’re not – at least, they’re only one piece of a many-layered pie. True wellness means more than just looking after our physical selves: it’s the result of a healthy and happy body and mind.

How do I know? My healing journey, after a cancer diagnosis, has been about overhauling and upgrading every aspect of my life. Sure, I switched to 100% organic plant-based diet with loads of fresh veggie juices, but I also committed to overhauling my old negative patterns and replacing them with kindness, expressing myself, doing what feels good to me, and nourishing and mending my relationships. I call it a “whole-istic” approach, and it’s where true healing and radiant well-being blossom.

When we set the stage by creating a loving and quiet space physically, mentally and emotionally it’s natural – and easy – to make nourishing decisions for ourselves on every level. I’m excited to share with you my favourite ways to nourish mind and body for true wellness!

1.       Decide and act from a place of love, not fear. Coming from a place of self love sets the stage for a beautiful relationship with yourself, tuned into your body and mind’s deepest needs.

2.       Eat real food, straight from Mother Nature. Ditch the packaged and processed stuff and go for what Mother Nature provided for you.

3.       Daily soul vitamin. What feels good at a soul level is good for you. A favourite magazine + a cup of mint tea… An evening walk… Morning sun … Write your own list and post it on the fridge or by your computer. Make it a priority to create space for your joy every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

4.       Move your body. The best form of exercise is one you love to do. Not everyone is meant to run or do hot and sweaty Bikram yoga, so listen to your body and find your sweet spot. Make sure you move your body regularly – in a way that feels good to you.

5.       Heal your relationships, from the inside out. How we connect with the people who share our lives is a reflection of ourselves and our inner state. Caroline Dupont says: “The most transformative attitude is to turn our awareness towards our reaction and inquire into the beliefs that we’re holding, and the emotions that are being triggered… The more at peace we are with our lives, the less we’ll feel the need to change others.” And the more harmony you’ll have in your life.

6.       Restful sleep, zzzzz. Night-time is when our bodies do the bulk of their restorative and healing work. For me getting enough sleep means turning off the computer by dinner time, an hour of downtime before bed, and lights out by 9:30 pm. What do you need to do to wake up feeling bright and refreshed? Without restful sleep, all the green juices in the world won’t do much for your wellness.

7.       Listen to your body. What does your body say to you? Your body talks to you every day, giving you a status update on your internal balance. If you’re off kilter, it starts with quiet whispers like a headache, PMS or digestive issues. And when we ignore the messages our bodies send us, they start to shout – in the form of a serious illness [something I know all about]. Instead of suppressing symptoms with pills or ignoring them, delve into the areas of your life that need healing. Connect the dots. Your body wants you to thrive. It’s wiser and more capable than you realize, simply tune in to what your body is saying.

8.       Express your innate gifts + be you! Ah, you might think that sounds a bit obvious but too many of us spend our days – or lives – trying to please others. Our differences create the kaleidoscopic tapestry that makes life so diverse, enthralling and beautiful. You’re here to BE YOU. Tap into your authentic self by getting quiet, listening in and acting.

9.       Spend time in nature. It’s easy to forget that we’re a part of nature as we tap-tap-tap on our laptops for hours a day in artificial lighting. Reconnecting with your natural essence is deeply nourishing and can be as simple as eating a meal outside, or bringing stones or flowers into your home. Reconnecting with nature is a simple but powerful way to energize and ground yourself.

10.   Shhhh – get quiet. Creating time for stillness and presence in the moment is essential for wellness, giving your body and mind a chance to unwind, recharge, and heal. Stillness is a taproot directly to the innate wisdom and healing power you possess.

By the way – if green juices make you want to hurl, or the thought of meditation sends you into a panic, that’s ok. Make it easy and right for you. What feels good to you? Going for a 10 minute walk or trying quinoa? Just start there and add one thing into your life, every day, that feels good.

Now you know what I think is vital for radiant well-being. What’s in your wellness toolkit? I would love to hear what you do to nourish your body and mind!

Please comment with your thoughts on Lucie’s post and what you want to achieve in 2013. We would love to hear from you. 



  1. Yay, thanks for having me, Nicola! This was such a great opportunity to gather together my wellness essentials not just to share with your lovely readers, but for me to have a good ponder over. Big love x

  2. I do like Lucie’s thoughts on the issue of wellness, I think walking by the sea heals my soul , I just need the motivation to get up there , the sound of the waves seems to soothe my busy mind xx

  3. There are reports that Lucie has died. She said on facebook a few months ago that her cancer had returned. I am letting everyone know because I would hate for anyone to read this blog and conclude that Gerson was effective for her.

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