My Top Five Health Beliefs

As you know I’m obsessed with health and health-related topics. I could happily spend all day everyday surfing the net for information, reading blogs, books and documentaries on the subject.

So from all my research I have come to some conclusions.

Organic Is Better

Yes I spend more money on my fruit, vegetables and meat now. I spend less on packets of chips and fake foods. It evens out.

Sometimes I still have a hard time wrapping my head around paying $5 more for a sweet potato but…..I don’t want to pay to eat something that has less benefits nutritionally. The cheaper sweet potato has been grown in nutritionally deficient soil and then sprayed with pesticides.

To me that’s wasting my money.

People spend more money on their cars than they do feeding themselves. Think about it. By the time you have bought the car, put fuel in it, paid insurance on it and serviced it…well the cost is sky-high and you only have it for a couple of years.

You have your body for a lifetime, it deserves better fuel. Spend more money on organic produce and save later with better health.

Soft Drink Is Evil

You know it’s not good for you.

It’s like smoking, it serves no purpose.

It doesn’t quench thirst and it doesn’t give the body nutrients. It’s also addictive and has been linked to all the major diseases in Western Society.

Someone may need to invent a sugar patch. Soon.

Low Fat = More Fat On Your Body

It’s more processed.

Nutrients cannot be assimilated easily into the body without the food being in it’s whole state. There is a reason milk has fat in it.

Fat makes you feel full. So you are going to eat more if you are on a low fat diet (and fair enough if you are still hungry).

Some low fat foods need to make up for their lack of flavour by adding a chemical cocktail and sugar.

We Need To Eat More Vegetables (Less Meat, Less Dairy)

Do you doubt that if you ate more vegetables that you would be thinner and have more energy?

I have just invented the best diet in the world!

Eat more vegetables. There are too many benefits to ignore this advice.

We Need To Quit Sugar

Eating sugar makes us want to eat more sugar.

Only once you step off the roller-coaster of sugar highs and lows can you be able to make clear decisions about what you are eating.

Then eat it in moderation.

Because you will be able to.

Your sweetness sensors will be heightened and what used to taste normal to you will taste too sweet.

Unfortunately because it’s addictive (and I don’t think they’ve invented a patch yet) you will need help to do this.

Read Sarah Wilson’s, I Quit Sugar, to give you an idea on how to go about it.

Word of warning, if some of this information inspires change then go here and read the best way to do this

I have good intentions and then fail because I try to deny myself. Deprivation is no good for anyone. The above article promotes a slow, supportive approach to change and I wish I’d written that article myself – it’s perfection 🙂

I would love, love, love to hear your thoughts on this.

I would also love to hear your health beliefs – these are unapologetically mine.


  1. Hi Nicola, I completely agree with all of your beliefs re diet. In addition I’m all for as much whole food as possible and raw too! Where do you buy your organic food from? I’ve got a couple of favourite sources, but I’m always keen to hear about more. Absolutely Organics in Karrinyup is top of my list since they are so friendly and convenient to me, and then I’ve been really happy with Organic n Green for online shopping and delivery.

    1. Where is absolutely organics? Karrinyup is close to me to. I get my deliveries from Organic Collective who are great. I order the fruit and veg box every week and just add stuff so that I am practically doing all my shopping from there now 🙂 I used to get from organic n green but found the collective produce slightly better.

  2. Fantastic points, each and every one! It’s only now, living in a country where “organic” is more of a buzz word than anything (aside: I’d be curious to know how many pesticides are used on local crops) that I realize the value of those extra 2-3$ when buying real organic food. It makes a difference and is worth every single penny.

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