My Precious (Present) Moment

There are few opportunities these days to really be present.

Or should I say, every moment is an opportunity, but we are rarely open to them.

This morning, I didn’t touch my phone – except to get some happy snaps, I just focused on cuddling my first born and REALLY paying attention to him.

It was the Mother’s special day at kindy and we were asked to leave our littlies at home and I’m so glad I did (thank you for babysitting my beautiful best friend) because it was Julian’s special day.

It started with a really long and fun cuddle this morning when he woke up and came into our room. The chilly morning had us giggling under the blankets, playing rock paper scissors (he just does what I do which doesn’t make it a great game) and eeni meeni miney mo – (he doesn’t like it when he loses).

We got to school and the kids were asked to look into their Mummy’s eyes and sing a song about giving their heart to their Mummies.

I teared up at his rendition of You are My Sunshine, especially when he said, “Sunshine is in we’re hearts.” He still doesn’t have the grammatical term our in his vocabulary yet and it’s just adorable.

We read a book about loving our Mummies and then they did the funniest dance (Ku Di Ta) which all the Mummies joined in. Scones were served and the best thing was that the kids had made them for us. photo

I also got this (the resemblance is uncanny)


These are the moments that far surpass the moments that you dream about having when you have children. 

Blow those unrealistic expectations out of the water. 

This is life. 

This is love. 


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