My Paleo Experience

This weekend marks the end of my 30 day Paleo experience and I have to tell you – I’ve found it not only easy but delicious.

In four weeks we’ve bought two loaves of bread and the kids have had sandwiches or toast  when they were totally sick of eggs or didn’t want anything else. It also saved me a couple of mornings when I had nothing to send in Julian’s lunchbox. If I was organised and didn’t have such crazy weeks and weekends I think we wouldn’t have even needed it. Daniel and I didn’t touch it.

Forgive me for not posting further meal plans. To be honest we have just repeated most of the meals in the first two meal plans – not because there was no variety but because we really enjoyed the roast chicken and pork, the chilli mussels, the steak with pumpkin and haloumi salad and the rest.

Some days I was too lazy to put (another) whole meal together for myself so I would just grill some chicken tenderloins, eat them (sometimes standing up) and then juice my vegetables.

Juicing really is the lazy girl’s guide to vegetables. I just ate half a beetroot, three carrots, two apples and two celery sticks in a drink that took less than five minutes to make. Yum!

Since doing this experiment it’s amazing how much information I’ve stumbled across on the evils of gluten, especially wheat. In Cyndi O’Meara’s wheat report she discovers that in the late 1970’s, to feed a hungry world, a new wheat was designed, quite different from the wheat we had previously been eating. It was never tested for human consumption and she believes the rise in gluten intolerances and coeliac disease can be attributed to this.

In terms of how I am feeling I have to say I feel awesome. Very light (not in the sense that I have lost weight, I don’t want or need to lose any, but digestively) and I have more energy and no 3pm slump (hence this post!). My husband has lost over 3kgs and needs to go down a pant size. Giving up junk food didn’t seem to phase him. Men really are unbelievable when they put their mind to something aren’t they? I’m pretty proud of his eating habits in the last three weeks.

Now the big question – what do we do now?

We love it so there is no question that we will keep doing this at home. When we are out we might have the odd treat – some rice with a curry or a pasta dish – but all in all this has worked really well for our family.

The simplicity really works for my cooking style. I feel like I am cooking with love because it doesn’t take a lot of my time and I truly believe that all this “living” food is providing us with the nutrients we need.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you



    1. Sorry hon! No grains no legumes
      …there is controversy over quinoa as it is technically a seed thigh has the same anti nutrients as a grain. This diet is all about ease of digestion and eating top quality vegetables, nuts fruit and meat.

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