My New Lunchbox Solutions!

I had a very lacklustre weekend after confirmation that Leo still had an ear infection on Friday..and then a croup cough on Saturday. Next up a trip to PMH (children’s hospital) as by the time he decided to bark like a seal it was after 1pm on a Saturday and most doctors surgeries were shut.

A three hour wait with a very well-behaved baby was tolerable and I’m glad I got him sorted. Luckily I had taken my IPad and the day before had bought Lunchbox Solutions by Dr Jennifer, Chef Kate and Therese Kerr.

I really don’t need another cookbook. I seriously must have 70 or so (hard copy) and I am not that great at following recipes. But these ladies are inspiring.

I have read Dr Jennifer’s book Ticklish. This book is a well of interesting information.

Chef Kate has an impressive resume of being “Chef to the Stars” and has worked for Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sheryl Crow. She specialises in making healthy tasty. I’d seen some of her recipes on the Kora Organics Blog and kept meaning to try some. I actually ended up tasting her food when she cooked for a Kora Organics night in Perth about six months ago. Her vegetable quinoa curry was to die for.

Therese Kerr is Miranda Kerr’s mum and she and Miranda seem to be on a quest to get the world healthy. I met Therese at the Kora Organics night as well and she was very down to earth and passionate about promoting “living health”. Not just skin care or food but embracing a healthy lifestyle.

The book was $9.95 (US dollars) and available at I did have a problem buying it, I used paypal and it told me the transaction was cancelled but I received the book via email the next day.

So after my three hour read at the hospital of this wonderfully interactive ibook – I spent yesterday menu planning and today shopped for ingredients.

I was really happy to note that a lot of the alternate healthy ingredients I have been buying since going to the Cyndi O’ Meara seminar and reading the Kora Organics blog were included, like coconut oil, tamari, rapadura sugar.

I do have a few things I don’t have on hand to buy like coconut sugar, coconut flour and vital protein powder – but the rest is just good old wholefoods. Organic meat, fresh fish, organic fruit, veges and nuts.

My cookbook style is to read the book, be inspired and then cook the same old stuff I usually make. This time I did a menu plan and yesterday made the chicken salad with Tamari Mayonnaise. It was delightful and had a twist  by including pepitas, sunflower seeds and apple. Yum.

So this week I am going to attempt:

The Chicken Stock

The Lamb and sweet potato patties

LA Confidential Bars

Tuna Salad

Tamari fish

Rice Paper Rolls


Surprise Chocolate mouse

Gunnedah cookies

I may be slightly ambitious but I do have sick kids so will be staying close to home.

The lunchbox ideas for kids are great (and extensive) and I have a feeling this will become a constant reference for me. The only slight issue about the lunch box ideas is that a lot of the sweet treats include nuts. I don’t even know a school these days that isn’t nut free.

Oh well, I will just have to keep these treats for home.


  1. Thanks for this post..I will be interested in having a look. I watched ‘Forks over Knives’ on the weekend and am really taking stock of what my family eat and making a few changes. I’m about to make mac and cheese out of cashews and quinoa pasta!! Good luck with your cooking, look forward to hearing how it goes x

    1. What’s forks and knives? Just made the chicken stock…I actually cooked it longer as per Jude blereaus recipe instead as she rhapsodizes about the nutrients of the bones and to cook it for as long as possible….some is still on my stovetop and I’ve just made the oven baked prawn and pumpkin risotto. No stir no fuss ( though I was tempted to do the same in my thermomix) …. The result? Easy and delicious. If I’m having a dinner party and doing something else in the thermo this will be the way to go!

      1. Sounds delightful…I am seriously considering a thermomix…
        Forks over Knives is a documentary about the way we eat and how what we eat is connected to illness and disease…it is quite full on but the evidence was very convincing…you can down load it on the net if you are interested x

        1. Will do…though we are eating so well and my kids are constantly sick:( thermomix is a must- with your cooking skills you and the girls (and little Leo later on) will have a field day!

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